"You have given me clarity, been accepting and supportive, and given me the confidence to apply for a job that I know will provide me with the satisfaction I am craving." Henry, 23

Atticus Rose

The philosopher Atticus was a fierce opponent of Aristotle – a favourite philosopher of Atticus Rose’s founder. The sentiment behind the company’s name is that one must first acknowledge their perceived limitations and recognise adversaries with kindness, to blossom fully and flourish. 



Charlotte Kennedy PGCert MA Dip  

Academic Mentor and Life Coach

As a certified Transformational Life Coach with over ten years of experience in private tuition and academic mentoring in the British independent school system, Charlotte’s strength lies in building rapport with adolescents and young adults and galvanising them to become motivated, resilient, sophisticated learners and doers. She works with clients in a variety of mentoring and coaching capacities: pure mentoring programmes typically run for clients of 14 – 18 years old in the independent school system; her coaching clients are typically aged between 15 – 30 years old. 

Having spent several years working as an international private tutor and subsequently developing the mentoring arm of a global educational business, Charlotte became acutely aware of the gap in the adolescent space. The ‘pure-mentoring’ approach has yielded many successes and she is deeply proud of what the students she has worked with have achieved. Following her transformational life coach training and ongoing study of neuroscience however, she has become a staunch believer and effusive proponent of the idea that to fully actualise (coaching-speak for fulfilling potential and flourishing), today’s teenagers need more. 

Whether working with adolescents who face the pressure of a mounting work load and public exams, or nurturing a young adult to take control of their future, her ethos is consistent: through challenging limiting beliefs, harnessing self-belief, developing self-discipline and targeting goals, everyone has the ability to maximise existing potential and surpass expectations.

Charlotte works in alliance with various independent organisations including Forward Career Coaching, Minerva Tutors, The Key Clinic, The Little Club and The Recovery Centre. 


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United Kingdom

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