Although study skills are integral to academic success, motivation and a sense of purpose are just as fundamental. Without drive or self-discipline, what use are the study skills?  Awareness of one’s values and having the desire and ability to push oneself are highly individual qualities; they come from deep within. Developing them properly takes time. Charlotte’s clients explore what it is that they want to achieve, ­and then develop the strategy to attain these goals. The coaching space provides an essential element for this process. 

Research shows that being able to speak freely in a non-judgemental space is one of the most powerful – and neglected – tools teenagers and young adults can use to help navigate the emotional psychological turbulence of growing up. Providing her clients with a positive environment in which to express themselves, Charlotte encourages them to create solutions for themselves, and guides them when solutions do not seem apparent. Confident of their innate problem-solving ability, Charlotte knows that with suitable tools and strategies, all pupils can achieve more than they ever expected.


Neuroscience suggests that our brains become fully developed by the age of 25 years old. After this, our neural pathways become heavily myelinated, meaning habits become much more difficult to change. By providing the space for adolescents and young adults to challenge self-limiting beliefs, they can adapt their behaviour and recognise the responsibility they have for creating their futures. Nurturing this intentional awareness is necessary to enable purposeful choices to be made and ensure individual fulfilment.

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