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"An invaluable experience - Charlotte is the queen of mentoring!"  Dan, 21 

The Atticus Rose Approach

At a time when teenagers and young adults are used to being told what to do, the opportunity to speak freely in a non-judgemental arena is refreshing. Holding her clients in positive regard, Charlotte encourages them to create solutions for themselves and guides them when these solutions do not seem apparent. She is confident of their ability and certain that with suitable tools and strategies, all pupils can achieve brilliance.

Academic Mentoring and Life Coaching 

Mentoring and coaching programmes are entirely bespoke and developed to support the individual aspirations of students in the UK independent school system, as well as their parents. Each programme is heavily target driven and begins with an assessment of a student’s current level. From this, a strategy is built to help the student realise their goals and put them on the right path to achieve their potential. Students are educated in the following areas: study skills; time management; mindset and effective habits; leadership; performance under pressure; concentration training; growth mindset; and metacognition. Mentoring and coaching programmes run on an annual basis, reflecting the commitment that is required from all parties to ensure that the desired progress is made.

Life Coaching

Charlotte’s coaching is rooted in the theories of logotherapy and existentialism – which posit that a sense of purpose is paramount for one’s motivation, ability to achieve and positivity for life. Research shows that considerable mental ill health can stem from living out of sync with one’s values; it is vital that the younger generations have an opportunity to explore who they want to be and how to get there, before apathy can set in. Exploring values, relationship transactions and paradigms, clients’ limiting beliefs and inherited drivers are evaluated and challenged with gentle provocation. This encourages clarity, a greater awareness and a recognition of ‘know how’ within the student, thus enabling them to identify their raison d'être and thrive.

Career Coaching

Aside from cases of severe chemical imbalance, most depression is caused by not living in accordance with one’s values. With mounting pressures to achieve and progress, the under 25s are being led into the minotaur’s labyrinth. While varied work experience does indeed help to explore which disciplines and career opportunities are attractive, unless students are provided with a space to establish their core values, they will not be able to identify which industries and roles align with their moral compass and thus will make them happy. Combining a structured approach to identifying career opportunities with an exploration of the individual’s internal map, clients can approach job applications with confidence and vigour. 

Post Recovery

Post-recovery work with students and young adults who have suffered from mental health illnesses, reinforces the importance of having purpose. If someone who has battled with gremlins has not explored their next steps and is not pursuing a clear goal, the potential to relapse is high. Working to implement positive life practices and identify a sense of direction, supports the move to a successful and happy adulthood in which the individual takes responsibility for their choices.  

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